10/13/2010 – How Penn State Smeal College of Business Uses Digital Advertising to Enhance Their Brand

How Penn State Smeal College of Business Uses Digital Advertising to Enhance Their Brand


Oct 13, 2010 – HARRISBURG – As digital advertising continues to transform the way outdoor advertising is done, many business entities are climbing on board and using these campaigns to their full potential. In many cases, those who choose to use a digital campaign versus a static billboard campaign are seeing a significant uptick in their traffic and overall results.

picAt Penn State Smeal College of Business, Jake Ray, Managing Director for the Executive MBA Program, has discovered an increase in not only website traffic in the areas in which their digital ads run, but in the overall awareness of their brand and offering from parties interested in the school.

The following comes courtesy of Jake Ray and Penn State Smeal College of Business:

pic“Penn State Smeal College of Business is very conservative when it comes to marketing budgets and our annual spend. When it comes to marketing our Executive MBA program, I was a little hesitant to try digital billboard advertising mainly because I was of the belief that sharing space with other advertisers would be less effective than our traditional stationary billboard campaigns.

Eventually after a few discussions with Premier Media, I became open to the idea if for nothing else to do a study of digital advertising’s effectiveness.

After six months, I ran an analysis on the effectiveness of our prior traditional billboard campaigns vs. our digital campaigns. Thus far, the data analysis indicates that traffic to our website increased in areas where we have digital billboards at a higher rate than our static billboards.

Additionally, interested parties come in more aware of our brand and our offering, leading me to believe that the residual message of the digital board leads to a higher level of awareness and engagement than what we have seen in static outdoor advertising.

One thought right now is that the rotation of the advertisements creates a more engaged “driver” than a fixed board does. As of now, I have concluded that our digital billboard campaigns with Premier Media are a very efficient and effective utilization of our advertising resources. It is also worth noting that the solutions-oriented approach that Premier Media offers could be the topic of a case study for my MBA students of a company that provides above and beyond customer service.”

This is a great testament to the rise of a medium that is not only delivering results, but enhances your flexibility, increases your message exposure, and provides an aesthetically-pleasing means of advertising your brand.

Premier Media is a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania based outdoor advertising company that offers customers in western Pennsylvania, eastern Pennsylvania, central Pennsylvania and New York State outdoor advertising solutions through static billboards, mobile billboard trucks and digital billboards. Static billboards, mobile billboards and digital billboards offered by Premier Media can be found at most strategic thoroughfares through eastern and central Pennsylvania and in southwestern New York. To learn more about Premier Media and our 10 year reputation as a customer focused, flexible, and on-time deliverer of services please call us at (717) 737-7979 or e-mail at info@premiermediapa.com.

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