1/14/2011 – Premier Media Poised for a Prosperous 2011

Premier Media Poised for a Prosperous 2011

Premier Media, a leader in outdoor advertising in central Pennsylvania is gearing up for a strong 2011. 2010 brought some big change for Premier Media.


Jan 14, 2011 – Lemoyne, PA – Digital billboards became a big focus for the company in 2010. Pat Lyons, President of Premier Media, was very aware of the trends in the outdoor advertising sector, and digital was imperative to the future expansion of the company. “Digital billboards have been getting a lot of attention in the outdoor industry. They provide a more effective medium for advertisers who want to reach their audience with timely and relevant marketing messages and they increase revenue potential for billboard operators. We’re just beginning this revolution in outdoor advertising. Of the approximately 450,000 billboards in the US, only a small fraction has been converted to digital.” said Lyons. As digital technology grows, so too will the ability for companies to get more “bang for their buck” when choosing digital outdoor advertising.

Premier Media also expanded their market outside of Pennsylvania and western New York to Nashville, TN. Premier Media now maintains a digital billboard on southbound I-65 near Brentwood and Franklin, and northbound near exit 209, only minutes away from the historic Nashville district and Vanderbilt University.

“We’re excited to be able to expand our reach outside of PA. We hope 2011 brings the same opportunity to broaden our market.” Lyons added.

Mobile advertising also became a focus of Premier Media in 2010. Premier Media can now design, print, install, and deliver a mobile advertising vehicle with as little as one week of lead time. Mobile advertising has proven to be very effective.

  • 91% of all people notice words on trucks.
  • 74% develop an impression about a company based on its products and graphics.
  • 29% base buying decisions on vehicle graphics.
  • 97% Recall Rates on mobile advertising
    Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA’s Market Research July/August 2002
  • 91% of Target Audience notices both graphics and text

Lyons believes that diversifying Premier Media will allow the company to meet new market demands and keep projects moving forward. “Many companies fall into a rut. They don’t look for new or different ways to keep their business fresh. We at Premier Media definitely try to avoid that stigma by taking steps like going digital, utilizing mobile billboards, and expanding our reach.”

Outdoor advertising experienced a positive rebound from the prior few years. Out-of-Home Advertising was up 7% over the prior year which is a good sign for an industry looking for steps in a positive direction. Digital technology may be the cause. It gives the industry the ability to not have to rely on one company advertising per space. Each billboard can now house multiple advertisements that rotate ever 6-7 seconds. This not only allows for outdoor advertising companies to expect a larger return on their billboards, but now companies wanting to advertise do not have to tie up 100% of their outdoor budget on one property.

Outdoor advertisers are also maintaining their civic duty with digital billboards. Missing persons, criminals, and help lines have been utilized on many digital billboards to aid in the solving of crimes and disappearances.

Premier Media has positioned itself for strong growth in 2011.

“I think we’ve got everything in motion that we need to ensure that 2011 will be a tremendous year. We’ve been at this for 10 years now, and we’ve seen a lot of change over the past decade. We like to think that all of the proper and necessary steps have been taken to adjust to the ever changing market over the years. We’re excited about our prospects in 2011, and wish everyone the continued success in the New Year that we expect to have.” Lyons concluded.

Premier Media is a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania based outdoor advertising company that offers customers in western Pennsylvania, eastern Pennsylvania, central Pennsylvania and New York State outdoor advertising solutions through static billboards, mobile billboard trucks and digital billboards. Static billboards, mobile billboards and digital billboards offered by Premier Media can be found at most strategic thoroughfares through eastern and central Pennsylvania and in southwestern New York. To learn more about Premier Media and our 10 year reputation as a customer focused, flexible, and on-time deliverer of services please call us at (717) 737-7979 or e-mail at info@premiermediapa.com.

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