1/19/2009 – Premier Media Donates Billboard to Central Pennsylvania College

Premier Media, Provider of Outdoor Advertising Solutions in Harrisburg Donates Digital Billboard on Route 322 to Central Pennsylvania College


January 19, 2009 – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Premier Media, a Harrisburg based provider of outdoor advertising solutions is pleased to announce the donation of time on our newest digital billboard on route 322 east and west in the Harrisburg/Hershey area to a digital arts class at the Central Pennsylvania College. The class, which specializes in portfolio development is a capstone course for digital arts majors before they move on to their internships.

 “This type of opportunity gives Central Penn students the hands-on experience they need when they enter the work force,” said Erin Sparler, professor of the digital arts class. “The students really enjoyed creating these billboards and learned a tremendous amount from doing them. Premier Media has given these students a wonderful addition to their portfolios.”

The billboards will remain up for one month, with each student’s digital ad being displayed for five seconds during the one-minute cycle. This means each of the four student ads will be displayed 15 times per hour. In addition to donating the ad space for this project, Premier Media has selected student Sara Krzykowski as a student intern.

 “Premier Media is very excited to partner with Central Pennsylvania College and their students,” said Pat Lyons, president of Premier Media. “We believe in the value of providing an opportunity for young professionals to translate their classroom learning into real-time business applications.”

Premier Media is a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania based outdoor advertising company that offers customers in western Pennsylvania, eastern Pennsylvania, central Pennsylvania and New York State outdoor advertising solutions through static billboards, mobile billboard trucks and digital billboards. Static billboards, mobile billboards and digital billboards offered by Premier Media can be found at most strategic thoroughfares through eastern and central Pennsylvania and in southwestern New York. To learn more about Premier Media and our 10 year reputation as a customer focused, flexible, and on-time deliverer of services please call us at (717) 737-7979 or e-mail at info@premiermediapa.com.

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