8/5/2010 – Premier Media Launches New Facebook Fan Page

Premier Media Launches New Facebook Fan Page

Premier Media has announced they have began building their presence in Social Media by launching a Facebook Fan Page. They will use this page to communicate with customers educate businesses on the power of digital and outdoor advertising.


Aug 05, 2010 – HARRISBURG – Premier Media, a digital and outdoor advertising company based in Harrisburg, has announced the launching of a new Facebook Fan Page where they plan to share information relevant to their industry, as well as connect with current and potential customers. The Facebook page is Premier’s breakthrough into the Social Media landscape.

“We are extremely excited to build our Facebook and Social Media presence because it provides a great opportunity for us to share and create content about our industry,” Premier Media President Pat Lyons said. “We want to help businesses small and large understand how powerful their reach becomes through outdoor advertising.”

Premier Media offers customers in Pennsylvania, New York State, and Nashville, Tennessee, outdoor advertising solutions through digital and static billboards, as well as mobile billboard trucks. They’ve built a customer-focused reputation over the past 10 years by providing highly-visible advertising concepts in the most strategic thoroughfares.

By using Facebook, Premier Media hopes to engage with their customers and provide education that aids their buying decisions.

“We want everyone to understand the power an outdoor advertising campaign has,” Lyons stated. “Our goal is to be at the forefront of knowledge on our industry so people know exactly what to expect from making an investment in this sort of marketing strategy.”

Premier Media invites everyone to follow them on Facebook, join in on discussions, and learn from the valuable information they’ll be sharing.

Visit the Premier Media Fan Page now at http://www.facebook.com/premiermediasigns

Premier Media is a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania based outdoor advertising company that offers customers in western Pennsylvania, eastern Pennsylvania, central Pennsylvania and New York State outdoor advertising solutions through static billboards, mobile billboard trucks and digital billboards. Static billboards, mobile billboards and digital billboards offered by Premier Media can be found at most strategic thoroughfares through eastern and central Pennsylvania and in southwestern New York. To learn more about Premier Media and our 10 year reputation as a customer focused, flexible, and on-time deliverer of services please call us at (717) 737-7979 or e-mail at info@premiermediapa.com.

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