Mobile Billboards

Fueling Demand with Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile billboard advertising helps you penetrate untapped audiences by reaching them where they live, shop, work, and play. It’s an ideal way to follow the flow of shoppers and their spending power, ignite trends, and fuel demand for your brand.

Premier Media can target your niche market or appeal to consumers with a variety of demographic backgrounds and buying interests. We create new branding opportunities that connect with the consumer and reinforce your brand image. We can provide mobile billboard trucks in major metro areas like Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Allentown and Pittsburgh.

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Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising

  • Impact – Our mobile advertising vehicle is an evident and inescapable medium that will attract thousands of new prospects to your products and services.
  • Reach – Premier Media takes your message to areas where stationary media cannot reach.
  • Visibility – Premier Media will tailor an advertising campaign in a specific targeted region or event delivering your message directly to the consumer.
  • Flexibility – Whether it’s a one-day sporting event, two-week promotion, or one-year city-to-city campaign, your needs will be met no matter what time of day you prefer to target.
  • Accountability – Our mobile advertising vehicle is equipped with a real time GPS tracking system. You will know that the vehicle is traveling in the markets you want to reach.
  • Turn Key – Premier Media can design, print, install, and deliver a mobile advertising vehicle with as little as two weeks of lead time.

Effectiveness of Mobile Billboards

  • 91% of all people notice words on trucks.
  • 74% develop an impression about a company based on its products and graphics.
  • 29% base buying decisions on vehicle graphics.
  • 97% Recall Rates on mobile advertising
    (Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA’s Market Research July/August 2002)
  • 91% of Target Audience notices both graphics and text
    (Courtesy: Outdoor Advertising Association of America)