BE SEEN with Stationary, Digital & Mobile Billboard Advertising

Based in Central PA, Premier Media LLC offers outdoor advertising solutions in Central Pennsylvania and surrounding metro markets. We provide static and digital billboard advertising in Harrisburg, Carlisle, Allentown, and Pottstown. Our mobile billboard trucks service extended metro markets including Lancaster, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

Our digital billboardsmobile billboards, and static billboards can be found at most strategic thoroughfares through our featured markets. Visit our locations page for specific billboard locations.

Fill out the form or call us at 717-737-7979 for more information on our billboard advertising solutions.


Benefits of Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is still one of the most cost-effective methods to get your brand message out to a large, diverse group of consumers. With a variety of billboard types available, including stationary, digital, and mobile billboard trucks, it’s easier then ever to broadcast your brand to a broad consumer audience.


What We Offer